—Successfully floated the concept and convinced a reasonable number of academicians to work with /under CSR having an Islamic identity, with little or no incentives.

—Formed 8 active groups in major domains of social research.

—Organised 8 National and International Conferences which impacted many academicians some of them admit that it changed the nature of their research such as a professor in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai admitted that he is, now, more focused on the Islamic concept of nafs and rooh in his research.

—A group head of psychology has voluntarily reviewed the syllabi and courses offered by Indian universities and suggested that Islamic Psychology can also be offered as a major subject at graduation and postgraduation levels. His suggestion was accepted and, for the first time in Indian education history, Islamic Psychology will be taught along with Sufi psychology in Indian universities. We believe it is a huge achievement. It will have an abiding effect on academic activism related to Islamic Psychology. (Insha Allah)

—Influenced 1000 plus entry- and advanced-level researchers with orientation and brainstorming sessions.

—The former director Syed Sadatullah Husaini’s article titled “Postmodernism and Islam” attracted a student abroad. And he has completed his doctoral studies on the same topic.

—A German institute published a report of institutes that are working for the revival of Islamic Psychology. The institute mentions CSR and ICIPP and has cited names of Dr Javed Zafar, Prof. Naved Iqbal and Prof. Akbar as people working in this area.

—Several research papers done by the groups working with CSR have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, and at least ten research papers have been published exclusively under the aegis of CSR.

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