CSR India and AMU are GOING to jointly ORGANIZE

International Interdisciplinary Conference

“Emergent, Holistic, and Transcendental Approaches to Social Sciences: Looking Beyond the Contemporary Narratives”

30-31 Oct 2023

F/o Social Sciences, AMU, Aligarh

Concept Paper

The International Interdisciplinary Conference on “Emergent, Holistic, and Transcendental Approaches to Social Sciences: Looking Beyond the Contemporary Narratives” aims to bring together academicians, scholars, and researchers, from various disciplines to explore holistic, interdisciplinary, and transcendental approaches in social sciences. The conference seeks to challenge existing premises and paradigms and seeks to further the efforts in bridging disciplinary boundaries and fostering intellectual exchange to evolve novel approaches.


  • To discuss and delve into various epistemological approaches to social sciences
  • To perform a critical appraisal of the limitations and implications of existing approaches in social sciences and propose holistic and transcendental approaches, frameworks, and methodologies that are more objective and effective in judging and suggesting the goodness of social phenomena.
  • To explore emergent, alternative, and transformative approaches in social sciences that challenge and expand upon contemporary narratives.
  • To deliberate and evolve the potential of holistic and transcendent perspectives in understanding and addressing social phenomena, economic models, historiography, and political systems

History: Contemporary Historiographical Approaches

  • Critique of the Epistemological and Ethical Limitations of Western, Positivist Historiography 
  • Critical appraisal of Eurocentric historiography 
  • Historiographical biases with respect to Medieval Indian history
  • Invoking Shah Waliullah and Ibn-e-Khaldun: Philosophy of History 
  • Stakeholders of Historiography
  • History and Power: Populism and Historical Narratives

Sociology: Re-Reading Sociological Approaches

  • Limitations of Sociological Assumptions and Methodology
  • Traditional Social Thought: Islamic, Hindu, Scholastic, Confucian-Chinese, etc
  • Traditional Social Thought: Islamic, Hindu, Scholastic, Confucian, etc
  • Education, Market, and Society

Political Science: Politics and Metaphysics, Justice, and Religion

  • Traditional Political Thought: Islamic, Hindu, Scholastic, Confucian-Chinese, Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, etc
  • Citizenship and Belonging
  • Populism religion and politics
  • Nation-State and Constitution: Revisiting the debates cf. Islam, Humanism: European, Marxian, Tagorian Narratives of Humanism, etc 
  • Civilizational Structure and Territorial State

Economics: Alternative Economic Thoughts: Theories and Practices

  • Economics and (i) Microcosmically, general, existential Human fructification and (ii) Macrocosmically Ecological Health
  • Beyond the contemporary horizons of Islamic economics
  • Welfare Economics and Maqasid ash-Shariah, Ijma and Qiyas
  • Islamic Economics and Free Access to, and Redistribution of, Wealth
  • Baqir al Sadr’s Iqtisaduna (Our Economy)

Epistemology and Methodology of Social Science

  • Epistemological Limitations of Positivism
  • Emerging epistemological trends
  • East Asian and Islamic epistemology: Case Study of Shah Waliullah’s Hujjatullah al Baligha
  • A critical appraisal of Eurocentric epistemology
  • A critical appraisal of Decolonial epistemology

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Meet the Organizers

Dr. Mohammed Rizwan

Conference Coordinator

Prof. Asmer Beg

Conference Convener

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